IT’S HERE! Watch the Suicide Squad Trailer In Awe

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OMG.OMG.OMG. This looks better than I could have ever imagined from seeing the leaked trailer that released last year. I’M SO ECSTATIC. Director David Ayer NAILED IT, the film carries a great aesthetic, from its comedic points to its darker moments, it looks SO GOOD.

I’ve personally always been more of a Marvel fan myself, but DC was never scared to create a more dark and sinister world for its characters which I’ve always respected and loved. If you’re not familiar with the story behind ‘Suicide Squad‘ it’s basically a group comprised of DC’s most bad ass villains; a good chunk coming from good ol’ Gotham. The squad was formed by the US Government to use for black ops missions that were too risky or dangerous for the military. Rather than send in the “good guys” (on pretty much a sure-fire death sentence) they would send the Suicide Squad (or Task Force X) to do their dirty work. In return they get to reek all the havoc they want on the…other bad guys and not have to be locked up in cell. Peep the trailer below, between all the action, devious looks and Queen you’ll be just as excited as me. Be sure to see the WORST.HEROES.EVER. when the film releases August 5th.