When You Hear…”Another One”

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DJ Khaled has been blowing up on Snapchat recording his daily routines and giving out some life lessons which I must say are motivational. Yesterday news went out that he lost $80,000 in 30 seconds by accidentally flashing his credit card during one of his motivational Snapchat speeches. Damnnnn. People watching were quick to screen shot and hop on buying a ton with his credit card.

Dj Khaled says,”People who bought something with my card, all purchases are trackable, and you will be arrested. Congratulations, you played yourself.”
He also said, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, and this is just another one.” Feel free to follow him on snapchat: djkhaled305

On another note, DJ Khaled takes the stage with Future performing “I Don’t Play About My Paper,” “You Mine,” and “Jumpman.” Watch below the video from Jimmy Kimmel Live!