Now Playing: SOSUPERSAM – “Sup? 2″ Mixtape

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We have a list of baddies for our #WCW and #WCE, and SOSUPERSAM is most def our top #WCE. She better be yours also! This Los Angeles DJ Samantha Duenas aka SOSUPERSAM released a new mixtape and it is fire! No lie, I listened to it when it came out, the day after, and even right now. Her vocals in her new single “Like” is fuckin’ dope too. At first I was like, “who’s singing this?” Then was like, “Oh shit. It’s Sam. Omg, her voice is sooo niiiice.” Gave me chills and everything y’all. Watch her video “60 Seconds With SOSUPERSAM” and listen to her mixtape SUP? 2.