Best Indie Movies of 2015 You Probably Missed

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Indie movies in 2015 were everything. There was a huge number of amazing films that unfortunately got overlooked by the masses and we have the best of the best right here. In no particular order here are my favorite indie films from 2015, a year of cries, laughs and good times.

Amy The amazing and breathtaking documentary on Amy Winehouse.

6 Years A rollercoaster ride of emotions. 6 Years didn’t get the best reviews but you’ll love it, trust.

People Places Things Newly single dad, his two adorable daughters, chock-full of laughs and feels . If that doesn’t get you hooked, nothing else I say will.

Ex Machina A pretty intense movie about a that ever telling question, “should robots be humanized?” You’re gonna need to make all the popcorn and snacks you have.

The End Of The Tour An endearing film that will hit you straight in the feels. Loved every second of it.

What We Do In The Shadows So, so funny. It’s a parody documentary about vampires. The whole cast killed it, so good.

Spotlight Based on a true story, using real facts and leaving the fictional aspects very minimal. A truly great film, which will captivate you from beginning to end.

Brooklyn SO.MANY.FEELS. Watch it with your mama.

DOPE This one I’m sure you have all seen but I couldn’t rob DOPE a spot on this list. So fucking good.

The Overnight A witty comedy with plenty of “did that just happen? Did she…did she really say that?” moments.

Tangerine This is one of the most interesting and original films I’ve seen in a while. It’s definitely hyped up for all the right reasons.

Diary Of A Teenage Girl We all remember our first time. And the second, and third…well here’s an endearing film about all of that. A must watch for everyone, not just the girls.

Breathe The only foreign film on the list, Breathe, is a French film about a girl who is adopted into a family where she gains a fucking bitch of a step-sister. Super good flick, I highly recommend it, I know some people don’t like having to watch movies with subtitles but don’t let that ruin a great film for you.