Keeping up with Kylie J

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Two weeks ago baby K launched her own official, personalized app in the iTunes store, and it was no surprise that the youngest of the Kardashian clan broke records that topped all four of her sisters combined!

We downloaded the app as soon as it went live and we can’t say it wasn’t lit. Kylie J went full the f*ck out with her app buy including her own radio station (similar to the likes of Pandora and Spotify radio), #ootd posts with links to similar affordable options, BTS photoshoot footage & more.

What do we love most? KylieJenner At the young (and finally legal) age of 18, baby K is taking control of her own spotlight and giving Kylie lovers and haters alike a firsthand source on all things Kylie. Most recently, she divulges her insecurities & reveals how her wigs improve her overall confidence. Download her app here to read about it.

We’re def diggin’ Kylie Jenner’s hustle & grind. She’s doing the damn thing & proving how age is just a number and letting the app store ratings speak for themselves.

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