All Hail, Yayoi Kusama!

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The Art Newspaper gave 86 year old Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama the title of “Most Popular Artist in the World.” In 2014, up to 9,000 people visited Kusama’s exhibition each day which made her exhibition the most visited in the world! Showing the world her signature polka-dot sculptures and artwork, Kusama continues to display her creativity in Denmark. Starting September 17, 2015- January 24, 2016, Kusama’s exhibit, In Infinity, will be opening in The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek, Denmark. Her work at this specific exhibition have “rarely or never been shown since [Kusama] first made them.” If you haven’t seen any of Kusama’s work, make sure to look her up. Her artwork is truly amazing and inspiring.


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