Interview with Ms. Crissy B. of Flawless Victory

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Say hello to baddie Criselda Briva aka Crissy B aka @mscrisssy! Crissy is the Creative Director of Flawless Victory Productions, a collective group of young creative individuals from San Francisco, CA who work together to produce graphic designs, audio work, and visual art. Crissy stays flossed out in Hellz Bellz shit, and she rocks it so damn well. #HLZORELSE! Read below to get to know Crissy a little bit more.


Photo Courtesy of Flawless Victory Productions // Crissy wearing the ‘Get Money’ Top

Photo Courtesy of Flawless Victory Productions // Crissy wearing the 'Get Money' Top

Photo Courtesy of Flawless Victory Productions // Crissy wearing the ‘Get Money’ Top

1.Brief Overview of who you are (personal, background, professional)
My Name is Criselda Briva, but I go by the name of Crissy B or Ms.crisssy. I am the creative director and head stylist for Flawless Victory Productions.

2. What inspires you as a Creative Director and Stylist? How do you stay inspired?
Inspiration comes from a lot of places. I would say the one thing that keeps me pushing is my amzing team. We all have different talents that inspire me to keep being creative. Overall Inspiration comes from pretty much anywhere. Whether I’m walking down the street, online, or reading a magazine.

3. Who is your style icon and why?
I would say my style icon would have to be Ivania Carpio. All of the pieces she puts together as a fashion designer completly blows me away. She brilliantly bridges the gap between street wear and high fashion. That’s why her style continues to inspire me.

4 .If you had to choose one designer/label that you had to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Alexander Wang

5. Trend that you are feelin’ right now?
Comfy Sandals, Shorts, graphic crop top and Visors.

6. Trend that you are sooooo over?
Don’t get me wrong I love each brand as an individual but when People layer themselves in “Hypebeast streetwear” apparel. IE: Supreme hat, The Hundreds shirt, Pink Dolphin Jacket, Bape Shorts, Huf plant Life Socks, and CDG Chucks.

7. What makes you a bad ass Hellz girl?
Work hard play hard! Living everyday like a Saturday night.

8. Word of Advice to our Hellz Bellz baddies:
Keep doing what you’re doing! Stay Creative, Stay Humble, and Stay Consistent!

9. Guilty Pleasure?

10.What is currently on your playlist?
Loyal Chris Brown Ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga, Show Me Kind Ink Ft. Chris Brown CONSTANTLY ON REPEAT!

**Check out this dope ass lookbook video of Crissy in Hellz Bellz (produced by Flawless Victory):**