Nike WHAT gave birth for the lives of WHO?

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So I’ve been noticing the dramatic trend that swiftly gave birth for all our women out here. Gals have been contagiously inspired by this outbreak in trend. It’s perfect though because summer is around the corner and Spring is giving us summer sneak peaks of how blazing hot it’s going to be.

Let’s give it up for NIKE SANDALS!

I wouldn’t have thought it would be the next freshest trend. I mean like… who would’ve thought? It was more typical to spot a dude wearing Nike sandals. And personally I’ve been rockin’ my Nike sandals…but with socks on though because shit… that’s how my boyfriend did it, and every other guy in the world did so the only way I knew was to wear it with socks. But here is the twist though. The Nike trend within gals is without the socks.

Here are a few flicks of some fashionistas rockin’ out in Nike sandals without the socks. (And don’t be playin,’…Don’t nobody wants perspired ass toes.)





Nike sandals without socks for women… ACCESS NOT DENIED.

.. There you have it.

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