Slide on In

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Wanna be a balla, shot-calla? Decades ago, Nike made the infamous Nike Slide slippers. Super convenient for ballers who needed have comfy shoes on the way to the courts. Slider slippers have slowly been making a comeback. Definitely inspired by the original slips, Birkenstocks. Yes, the Birkenstocks that your grandma has been rocking for years.


Check out @mscrisssy rockin them Nike Slides and the ‘Get Money Top’


With summer just right around the corner, we’re switching from boots to something a little bit more sweat-friendly. Slippers are starting to be incorporated more into every day wear. These types of slide slippers, most notably made designed by Nike, Adidas, Birkenstock, are no longer just for your Grammie. They’re no longer just to be worn in the showers, or on the way to the gym. Slide shoes are a fast, stylish, easy way to slip your feet into something simple, yet street chic. Dress em down, dress em up. It’ll be a great excuse to finally get that pedicure you’ve been lagging on!

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