Neon words, Art by Lee Jung

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I’ve been following Linda Lovemade on Instagram for a minute and since then, rekindled my love for neon signs. She recently posted these works by Korean artist & photographer, Lee Jung and I’m so obsessed! I love the concept and almost poetic feel of these neon text installations. It instantly makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.. (oh my cold, black heart).

Valentines day idea, anyone? (Guys: I hope you’re taking notes!)

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” In an artist statement at One and J. Gallery, Lee explains how she was influenced by the Roland Barthes essay, A Lover’s Discourse, that tells the story of the ineptitudes of people in love. Lee responds to Barthe’s character who searches on end for signs that he is in love, imagining sweet nothings as glowing neon city signs that express cliche statements of both happiness and hatred that she had come across in television, movies and on the internet. The deserted locations of the signs and the resounding emptiness of city lights create these beautiful photographic moments. “

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