Instagram Kids are the new fashion stars.

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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with kids fashion. After having my own little mini me, I was introduced to the world of instagram kids style. I was able to scour through look books and pin my pinterest boards full of new outfits for my daughter. Because of Suri Cruise and Mason Dash Disick, everyone and they mama (literally) is divulging into turning their child into the next fashionista. I cant blame them though, its addicting. The mini stomper boots, the high buns, the tailored jeans, and fun little vests that I WISH I OWNED MYSELF, its like you’re the stylist to the stars and the star happens to be your own offspring.

So because this is practically a fashion blog, I thought I’d share what the future holds. I hope you can refrain from the OMGs, RUSRS’s, and the IMSODEAD reactions because some of these kids contain more steez than most of the people I know these days.