Rad or Bad: Elf Ear Accessories

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What’s up with people (females, in particular) wanting to become mythical creatures?  I totally understand that real life is no where close to being as entertaining as a Harry Potter novel, but there ARE pro’s to not living within a story book. Liiike…there aren’t giants to worry about, there isn’t an evil witch/queen trying to cut out your heart…trust me…we’ve got it easy. However, that doesn’t deter people away from modeling their look after a folklore creature. From costumes to accessories, there’s several different ways to get that “just stepped out of a Hans Christian story” look. This weeks ‘Rad or Bad’ is the “Elf Ear accessory” trend, I notice creeping in. Apparently people haven’t had enough of the Lord of the Rings. What are your thoughts? Rad or bad? Best answer gets a HELLZ sticker pack…show me what you’ve got!


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