Congrats Mermaids, it’s your year!

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Hologram Tupac take a seat! Because Mermaids are having the best year ever. Yes, MERMAIDS! Sorry Snow White and the rest of the stuck up Disney Princesses, Ariel is claiming her crown and its made of dinglehoffers and snarfblats. If you’ve been paying attention to the internet what so ever, girls from all walks of ages have been declaring their mermaid heritage by showcasing brightly colored hair, adorned seashell decor, tattoos, and make up choices to make even Ursula wonder if she owns your ass. I like this trend though! I didn’t realize it but I jumped on it myself without knowing what happened. Apparently with red hair, I went past Rihanna and straight to Triton’s babydoll. Totally appropriate for a 28 yr old woman! At least my daughter appreciates the confusing similarities to her toy doll.

Besides the fashion, Animal Planet did a special that re-aired this past weekend proclaiming that Mermaids are real as shit. Tons of supporting facts and all that jazz. But who cares about facts and science, SO YOURE SAYING THAT THEYRE REAL RIGHT? Like Aliens real or Bigfoot real? Or like Scientology real? This inquiring mind needs to know because that woman who’s been living as a mermaid since she was 6 years old might want to discover that shes actually not crazy, just handicapped (you will always have legs, sorry girl). So on that note, let’s celebrate the year of the Merhumans. Get your best pearls glued to your face like Flounder finished on your cheek and put on that fierce fin you’ve been eyeing on the cosplay website. Its your time to shine.