“Bad Girls” BTS

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During the beginning stages of Hellz there were a handful of female musicians I would blast into my headphones to get me going while I designed… Most of which gave me a huge rush, inspiring my designs and molding my state of mind. These women were, Amy Winehouse, Santi Gold (then Santo Gold), Lily Allen, ESG and last but certainly not least, MIA.

MIA, continues to be a driving force in my creativity process. Not only for her music but also because I admire her as an artist. She’s loud, crazy, radical and far beyond any of us earthlings… fuck… she’s MIA! I always wonder what goes on in her head or what her thought process is when creating music and/or her videos… so it was cool to watch this behind the scenes footage from the making of her latest video for “Bad Girls”. The video gives us a glimpse into what inspired M.I.A. and director Romain Gavras to profile the Saudi drifting scene….siiiiick!!!

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