Anchors Away

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The nautical trend has once again docked in the harbors of the fashion industry! Now I love the whole idea of the nautical style, but I prefer some edge in my attire and have never been a fan of the crisp, almost preppy look it can convey. Luckily, the beautiful thing about fashion is that it leaves room for interpretation. Case in point, I can take the key elements from this trend: stripes, wide-legged trousers, or the utilization of the colors navy blue, red, and white; and pair these items with pieces already in my closet, making it possible to remain on the up-and-up without loosing my personal va-va-voom. I like to think of this look as less “nautical” and more “sea siren“, and there is no greater example than my muse, Miss Edie Sedgwick.


Keeping in mind that this seasons style  is also playing into the revival of the 60’s and 70’s, (thank God, the 80’s were killing me!), perusing Edie’s fashion choices is your best bet to attempt a more “naughtycal” look.



Now personally, I love the Factory Girl. She was brilliant in every way and can do no wrong in my eyes, but if her look doesn’t do it for you, there are other ways to play into this trend. Wide- legged trousers( also known as “the sailor pant”), high waisted shorts, and boat neck mini dresses are prime examples and definite necessities for the season.


 Whatever route you chose to go, remember to keep in mind your body shape. A boy-shaped figure works well with this particular trouser or high-waisted style, but if you’re curvy the wrong color or choice in top could make you look stumpy. Pair dark bottoms with lighter tops (or vice versa), along with killer heels or a funky wedge to give you a more proportional and elongated look. It works if you work it, so set sail and work it.