‘Bedtime Stories’ With DJ 88

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It’s that time again, kiddo’s! We’re back at it again with another one of our AWESOME  mixtapes. This time, we’re bringing out one of our most favorite hip-hop/fast-beat DJ’s – DJ 88, to  introduce something new to her neck-of-the-woods. This isn’t your typical  old school hits jams and electro-trans – oh no no no! It’s nothing but classy ladies who know their way around a guitar, along with our indie obsessions we just can’t stop listening to up in this joints. After many months of preparation, we along with Creative Contraband are so extremely excited to finally launch our official “Bedtime Stories” mixtape featuring DJ 88.

This girl is no stranger to the spot light, as the young DJ has been seen through out the globe in publications like 944 as well as opening up for stars like Snoop Dogg, She Wants Revenge, and The Roots.DJ 88 has easily made a name for herself as one of the West’s most sought-after female DJ’s. This may be the first time you’re now hearing of her, but we promise you this much – it wont be your last. Download ‘Bedtime Stories’ and see why were’ so into her!



HELLZ BELLZ X DJ88 BEDTIME STORIES – rockin’ mattresses vol. 1 by DJ88sincity