MY MA(i)N — Pt 4

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She wakes up to the sound of his phone going off.   It’s 6:11 am.   The name on the text is a familiar one, its the same one who called him “Babe.”  Pfffttt. 

He’s sleeping soundly next to her, legs intertwined with hers, arm slung across her body.  He looks so….peaceful.   She kisses him and closes her eyes again.  It’s too early in the morning to be feeling like this.


Really?   She opens her left eye, then her right.   It’s 7:27.   She looks over at the bedside table but its her phone that went off this time.   

“Good morning, Beautiful.”

It’s the guy with the nice teeth and the dimples… from the bar.   She looks over at him again, still sleeping soundly without a care in the world.   Must be nice.   Without responding, she puts her phone back on the table and closes her eyes.   It’s STILL too early to be feeling like this.

She wakes up again, this time to the feeling of his hands on her body.   She opens her eyes.  His eyes are still closed but he’s clearly awake.   His mouth finds her neck, her mouth finds his manhood, his hands pull her hair, her nails scratch his back,  his manhood finds her happy place, and her teeth bite into his shoulder as they do what they do best. 

**Cue Robin Thicke’s Its In The Morning**

They lay there, panting.  He’s still inside of her as he kisses her forehead and whispers “Good Morning.”  These are the moments that matter.   She smiles. 


He pulls out, rolls over, and grabs his phone.   She opens her eyes and he’s typing into the screen.  His face, poker.   She looks at the clock.   9:08 am.  

Yup.  It’s about that time to be feeling like this.