In need of ‘Something Else’

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There’s seriously so many amazing collections coming out of brands this season, one of my favorites is the Spring collection from Something Else by Natalie Wood. Now, I’m almost positive that this is certainly not the first time hearing of Something Else, nor will it be the last. With sultry silhouettes, in earthy color pallets, there’s just no surprise why I have such a fascination with the brand. I’m almost too obsessed to finish typing! Something Else is the brainchild of former Insight designer, Natalie Wood who is definitely not shy at portraying her surf/skate roots through the brand new project. She sways so easily between surf and fashion to bring together such an effortless happy medium between the two. ‘Something Else’ seems just so appealing to a girl who spent the majority of her youth chasing after boys in the skate park, but has grown up and evolved into more sophisticated means of lifestyle. ‘Something Else’ is just so whimsical yet chic, and I honestly can’t wait for what’s next for the growing brand.