Nom Nomz Tuesday

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Leave it to my city to come up with somethin’ so epically awesome like the Street Food Scavenger Hunt.

Over three weeks, starting August 5th, some of San Francisco’s best restaurateurs and most devoted food producers will band together with La Cocina and theGoGame to create the boldest, craziest, and most delicious food adventures yet.

The game will culminate on the day of the Street Food Festival on August 21st, with a very special awards ceremony that evening. 

You can play in teams of up to 5 (easier and way more fun to eat more food that way!) or on your own, but make sure you play for a chance to win some delicious prizes.

Excited?  Hungry?  Inspired?  Already plotting your revenge?  SIGN UP!!!! (oh, right, in case we mentioned it, you need to sign up to play) and tell your friends to do the same. If they need convincing, just show them the photos here;

It’s not too late to sign up for some good eats!   SF, you are amazing!   Lets go!  P.s. did anyone wanna be on my team?  




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